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A successful manufacturing enterprise hinges on fundamentals. A unique, highly engineered product with tight quality controls on manufacturing, along with an effective sales force and distribution network do not guarantee success. After-sales support must be considered as a major part of the success equation.

A common philosophy in successful organizations is:

The sales department sells the first unit, but the product support department sells the rest.

No matter how good the manufacturing process or the design, product failures are inevitable. When a product does fail, customer satisfaction depends upon the ability of the manufacturer or its designated service center to repair the failure in a timely, professional manner. High-quality, up-to-date technical information and training are essential for an effective, responsive product support team.

At Seatech Publication, Inc., we offer a full range of services to assist clients who wish to provide world-class product support. These services range from content development to publishing systems. We offer consulting services and provide training to authorized dealers and customers.

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