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Seatech Publications, Inc., provides infrared camera studies and research for Departments of Transportation and for asphalt paving contractors. The research can be tailored to meet the specific objectives of the organization.

For example, the study can be focused on uniformity of surface temperature of the bituminous layer transversely and longitudinally. While collecting thermal data, the study can also include digital images and project data that explains the thermal and visual condition of the bituminous layer. Seatech personnel create color reports with data analysis. Reports can be used for confirmation of paving equipment, such as Material Transfer Vehicles or Asphalt Pavers and Screeds.

From the contractor perspective, the studies and reports are often used for crew training purposes and to troubleshoot specific project issues.

Seatech consultants who collect data and write reports are experienced asphalt paving professionals who are familiar with all aspects of asphalt paving and with organizing the elements of infrared camera research.

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