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Seatech Publications, Inc., has a team of paving professionals who work with on-site management and crew members to maximize pay factors associated with rideability, density, profile, and yield.

Before work begins, the consultants gather project information (plans and specifications) to create a practical plan for paving and compaction operations. The plan includes balancing production between the plant, the paver, and the compaction train. The consultants analyze the use of grade and slope control, averaging skis, and paving sequence to determine the best set-up procedures. The consultants make a thorough paver and screed inspection to ensure complete functionality.

When new techniques are used, there is a lot of on-the-job training for crew members. Crew members get instructions from veteran trainers who have both technical and application experience. Data collection is ongoing and recommendations for process or technique changes are often made.

Before the project starts, the contractor and the consultants agree on targets for smoothness and density. Those targets must be met or the consulting service results in no charge to the contractor expense for consultant travel expenses. Fees can be arranged as a daily rate, or fees can be based on a percentage of bonus earned.

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