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Seatech Publications, Inc., provides all types of marketing communications services for numerous industries.

These services include, but are not limited to:

Product Specification Sheets: Working with the Engineering and Marketing Staff, Seatech Publications, Inc., communicators gather technical data and marketing direction to create accurate and attention-grabbing specification sheets. Seatech also provides the photographic and artwork services to support the production of printed material.

Trade Journal Articles: Seatech Publications, Inc., writers are experienced in developing articles for trade journals. The writers develop a set of objectives before beginning to work. The objectives meet the stated goals of the clients. Writers travel to job sites, conduct interviews, and complete photography required. Articles are submitted directly to trade journals or handed off to clients for placement.

White Papers: Some companies or professionals need to develop white papers which are submitted to professional organizations. These papers describe and document a process, a technique, or the results produced by a product. Seatech Publications, Inc., has experienced technical and creative writers who collaborate with organizations on writing projects that require documentation and precise writing.

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