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Seatech Publications, Inc., offers a full range of editing and graphic services. Our technical and style editors and graphic designers have years of experience with technical publications. Our editing approach stresses proper use of language and punctuation, readability, consistency, and accuracy while our graphic development stresses technical accuracy and comprehension ease.

Our editors can develop style guides and provide writing workshops to create consistency and improve the skill of your work group. Seatech can also provide technical support, and troubleshooting in other areas of interest to technical writers, publishers, and designers, including: SGML, XML, and HTML publishing; content management, conversion and version control; process workflow and documentation.

Our graphic professionals offer a wide range of development and revision capability. From original technical illustrations, cutaway/exploded view drawings, animations, electrical and hydraulic schematics, photography, and video creation to the updating or enhancement of your existing media.

Seatech staff is proficient in the use of Adobe FrameMaker®, Adobe InDesign®, QuarkXPress®, Microsoft Word®, Adobe Acrobat®, Adobe Illustrator®, Adobe Flash®, Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Dreamweaver®, Canvas™, Pro/E and with SGML, XML, and HTML.
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